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Coming to Comikaze!

By adminTuesday - October 29th, 2013Categories: Beware...The Frogmen From Neptune!

Last minute invitation from new 215′er Kristopher White means Beware will be coming to Comikaze!

Kristopher is the creator of Father Robot, a book we’re very proud to have at 215 Ink. I’ll be sharing a table with him and I’ll have some great stuff on-hand, including signed copies of Formula X and the very first appearance of our Citizen Science embroidered patch!

Come over to Comikaze and pick up your very own Citizen Science Starter Kit! See you there!


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Coming soon …

By adminTuesday - August 13th, 2013Categories: Beware...The Frogmen From Neptune!

… let everyone know that you’re a Citizen Scientist, and they should BEWARE!

Beware Patch 8.12

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The Return of Boston Comic Con

By adminThursday - July 25th, 2013Categories: Beware...The Frogmen From Neptune!

Because of the bombings that occurred just days before the event, Boston Comic Con had to be rescheduled and relocated. The triumphant return is on August 3-4 at the Seaport World Trade Center. In the aftermath of the bombings, we pledged to offer 50% of our profits on sales of Beware comics to Boston Children’s Hospital, and you guys responded with the usual charity and empathy I’d expect from an upstanding bunch of Citizen Scientists.

We’ve decided to extend this promotion through the end of the rescheduled Boston Comic Con. And because I’m so proud of the city I once called home, we’re going to donate 100% of the profits of every Beware comic you buy.

So click the link for Formula X on the right or the pic below, tell your friends, and let’s show Boston and Boston Children’s Hospital exactly what a group of Citizen Scientists can do! We can’t make much of a difference unless you guys help spread the word!


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Formula X review from Comic Book Resources

By adminTuesday - July 16th, 2013Categories: Beware...The Frogmen From Neptune!

It’s great having a supportive publisher, and Andrew DelQuadro is very much that. When it came time for 215 Ink to send in Golgotha for review to the esteemed Comic Book Resources, he included a copy of Formula X as a bonus book. As a result, we got a very nice review of our second issue!

From the review: “Beware … Formula X is an exciting and fun single issue. Apparently there’s a trade in the offing of the stories in the series so far, so I’m sure you can check out 215 Ink’s web site for that, if you’re interested.”

Why yes, we DO have a trade in the works! Funny you should mention it! We’re polishing the edges on that one right now, but stay tuned for pre-order information coming soon, as well as some bonuses YOU can get for being a good fan and supporting independent comics. We do like to take care of our fellow Citizen Scientists, after all …




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The Face of Haven Hallows

By adminThursday - June 6th, 2013Categories: Beware...The Frogmen From Neptune!

Samuel Gorton doesn’t like it when you pervert science for convenience/profit/personal gain (sneak peek of a panel from issue #3 – The Arrival of the Chrononauts!)

Gorton Pissed!




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Pop Culture Hound reviews Formula X!

By adminWednesday - May 22nd, 2013Categories: Beware...The Frogmen From Neptune!

GREAT review of Formula X from Pop Culture Hound. Go listen now! (And then grab a copy of Formula X!)


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Becker’s ISS & Kugler’s USS Enterprise

By adminMonday - May 20th, 2013Categories: Beware...The Frogmen From Neptune!

I’m putting together some special and spacial for the future, and Fubar’s Steve Becker delivered this incredible pinup of the International Space Station to help whet the appropriate whistles. 977702_3099366379392_1549782956_o

On top of that, I wake up today to see that longtime Beware friend Justin Kugler has a blog post about just how cool the ISS really is.

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Welcome Home!

By adminFriday - May 17th, 2013Categories: Beware...The Frogmen From Neptune!

We wanted to offer a special “Welcome back to Earth!” for the crew of ISS Expedition 35 – Col. Chris Hadfield, Dr. Tom Marshburn & Maj. Roman Romanekov. Glad you made it safely, boys! Check out our tribute on this week’s Moonbound!

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Friday Fun Fact!

By adminFriday - May 3rd, 2013Categories: Beware...The Frogmen From Neptune!

Asimov is itching to get up to the moon and start the investigatin’. Check out the latest Moonbound! comic we did for the Part-Time Scientists!


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Haunt of Horror review for Formula X!

By adminMonday - April 29th, 2013Categories: Beware...The Frogmen From Neptune!

“… hits all of the sci-fi horror buttons dead on.”

Those are exactly the kinds of words you want to see in a review of your book. Plus, they’re helping spread the word about our efforts to raise money for Boston Children’s Hospital. 50% of our sales will go straight to them, which is a wonderful way to try and do some good after the horror in Boston recently.

I was there in the thick of it, from less than 24 hours after the first bombs went off until we all finally breathed a sigh of relief that weekend. As a lot of you know, I lived in Boston for two years, so forgive my passion and personal investment.

With that said, let’s raise some money! Click the link on the right to grab a copy of Formula X, and grab a free copy of Frogmen while you’re at it!


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