Formula X review from Comic Book Resources

Formula X review from Comic Book Resources

By adminTuesday - July 16th, 2013Categories: Beware...The Frogmen From Neptune!

It’s great having a supportive publisher, and Andrew DelQuadro is very much that. When it came time for 215 Ink to send in Golgotha for review to the esteemed Comic Book Resources, he included a copy of Formula X as a bonus book. As a result, we got a very nice review of our second issue!

From the review: “Beware … Formula X is an exciting and fun single issue. Apparently there’s a trade in the offing of the stories in the series so far, so I’m sure you can check out 215 Ink’s web site for that, if you’re interested.”

Why yes, we DO have a trade in the works! Funny you should mention it! We’re polishing the edges on that one right now, but stay tuned for pre-order information coming soon, as well as some bonuses YOU can get for being a good fan and supporting independent comics. We do like to take care of our fellow Citizen Scientists, after all …